MODE SD Card Mount for Sega Saturn VA0

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MODE SD Card Mount for Sega Saturn VA0

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This Product is NOT for the VA1-VA15 Saturn.Click Here for our VA1-VA15 Saturn MODE Mount Kit. If you don't know which revision of the Sega Saturn you have, then Click Here to Check.

NOTE: The "Rev E" MODE units changed the position of the SATA Drive.The mounts should still work with this change, however the Screwless Hard Drive Brackets do not. We're working on an updated version but take not of this fitment issue before ordering.

A 3D printed mount designed to accommodate your MODE (Micro SD-Card/USB/SATA replacement for the Disc Drive) in Sega Saturn VA0 Consoles. Printed in PLA material and available in black with silver buttons. These mounts offer a much improved way to securely mount the MODE device in your console while making the LEDs, buttons and SD card much easier to access. Not only does it make for a much more complete look when the lid is open but it also allows the use of full-sized SD cards and provides storage for 2 additional cards under the lid. The light from the indicator LEDs is passed to the top surface using Fiber Optic cables and the button pass-throughs are provided in silver to make them easier to see. Also Included is a small bracket that will securely hold the back of your Hard Drive without the use of screws (designed for standard 100x70x7mm SSD drives) , making swapping a hard-drive easy, while also ensure that is fully secured when the console is assembled.


  • Securely mount the MODE inside your Saturn Console
  • Top plate with a smooth glossy finish to improve the look of your console with the lid open, and prevent dropping things inside the console.
  • SD card extension allows use of full-sized SD cards easily accessible with the lid open.
  • Two extra SD card holders for storing additional cards
  • Button Pass through for access to both buttons on the MODE, provided in a gray/silver color to make them easier to see
  • Fiber Optic LED Pass through allows you to visibly see activity from all 3 LEDs on the mode with the lid open.
  • Screwless Hard Drive bracket allows secure mounting of an hard drive without screws for easy swapping (designed for standard 100x70x7mm SSD drives)
  • Designed for effective air flow. PCB bracket directs airflow across the cooling plate and to the exhaust vent for improved cooling


  • PCB Mounts with 4 screws
  • 4 VA0 mount supports with screws
  • Top Plate pre-assembled with fiber-optic LED pass throughs, button extensions and SD Card adapter
  • Screwless Hard Drive Bracket (designed for standard 100x70x7mm SSD drives)

* DOES NOT INCLUDE a MODE device. No screws other than the original screws from your GDROM-Drive are needed.

Installation Instructions can be found here.

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