MODE SD Card Mount for Sega Saturn VA0

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MODE SD Card Mount for Sega Saturn VA0

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This Product is NOT for the VA1-VA15 Saturn.Click Here for our VA1-VA15 Saturn MODE Mount Kit. If you don't know which revision of the Sega Saturn you have, then Click Here to Check.

A 3D printed mount designed to accomodate your MODE (Micro SD-Card/USB/SATA replacement for the Disc Drive) in Sega Saturn VA0 Consoles. Printed in PLA material and available in black with silver buttons. These mounts offer a much improved way to securely mount the MODE device in your console while making the LEDs, buttons and SD card much easier to access. Not only does it make for a much more complete look when the lid is open but it also allows the use of full-sized SD cards and provides storage for 2 additional cards under the lid. The light from the indicator LEDs is passed to the top surface using Fiber Optic cables and the button pass-throughs are provided in silver to make them easier to see. Also Included is a small bracket that will securely hold the back of your Hard Drive without the use of screws (designed for standard 100x70x7mm SSD drives) , making swapping a hard-drive easy, while also ensure that is fully secured when the console is assembled.


  • Securely mount the MODE inside your Saturn Conole
  • Top plate with a smooth glossy finish to improve the look of your console with the lid open, and prevent droping things inside the console.
  • SD card extension allows use of full-sized SD cards easily accessable with the lid open.
  • Two extra SD card holders for storing additional cards
  • Button Pass through for access to both buttons on the MODE, provided in a gray/silver color to make them easier to see
  • Fiber Optic LED Pass through allows you to visibly see activity from all 3 LEDs on the mode with the lid open.
  • Screwless Hard Drive bracket allows secure mounting of an hard drive without screws for easy swapping (designed for standard 100x70x7mm SSD drives)
  • Designed for effective air flow. PCB bracket directs airflow across the cooling plate and to the exhaust vent for improved cooling


  • PCB Mounts with 4 screws
  • 4 VA0 mount supports with screws
  • Top Plate pre-assembled with fiber-optic LED pass throughs, button extensions and SD Card adapter
  • Screwless Hard Drive Bracket (designed for standard 100x70x7mm SSD drives)

* DOES NOT INCLUDE a MODE device. No screws other than the original screws from your GDROM-Drive are needed.

Installation Instructions can be found here.


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