Our Story

Mike (aka twistedsymphony) has been the sole owner, designer, printer, and shipper of bit_district since 2016. We're a humble operation with everything designed and printed on a single home-made 3D printer that we've been using since the start.

Mike's History
In his younger years Mike loved going to his local arcade (Funspot in Weirs Beach NH) to play the latest fighting games, also an avid console gamer, once he got to college he started diving head-first into learning the inner-workings of these devices. He became heavily involved in the modding scene for the Sega Dreamcast and the original Xbox. He also got a job as an arcade repair tech for the Weirs Beach board-walk arcades during the summers between classes where he learned his electronics troubleshooting and repair skills from the electrical engineers he worked with at the arcade.

In 2004 he graduated from Rensselaer with a dual bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Science Technology and Society; a degree path that was part of the Product Design and Innovation program that blended Engineering with Product Design. While in this program he learned SolidWorks as his preferred CAD platform and also took classes outside of his degree path in software development and embedded control; winning the LITEC Invitational for his pathfinding robot in the process.

After college he found work developing engineering software and further sated his design interest building cars. He never stopped gaming though, enamored with the package design details of Collector's Edition releases he founded CollectorsEdition.org in 2008; a database and community dedicated to cataloging special, limited, and collector's edition releases of console games. Feeling that he had done what he wanted to do in the car modding scene, and wanting to expand his game collecting further, in 2013 he got back into the arcade scene and started collecting, repairing, and restoring arcade machines and PCBs, and started dabbling in 3D printing.

bit_district's History
A life-long fan of the Sega Dreamcast, in 2016 Mike purchased a GDEMU and quickly decided that something more was needed to properly hold the GDEMU in place and improve the appearance of the system when the lid was open. After designing his GDEMU Tray and posting it on thingiverse so that others could use it, he was inundated with requests to print them for people. After several months of trying to find other printers that he could reliably recommend people to, he decided to simply start offering to produce prints himself.

Soon after, with the additional designs such as the Rhea/Phoebe tray and the ST-V cart housing available and a lot more printing requests coming in the bit-district.com website was created to help manage orders and inventory.

Leveraging his design and engineering background Mike has continued to develop new designs for consoles and arcade. Over the years he's also honed his technique for printing on glass that gives many of bit-district's products their distinctive smooth and glossy, finish. He's also committed to a design philosophy that uses as few parts and as few fasteners as possible for ease of install while also retaining or improving the form, fit, and function of the devices that his designs install into. Not just improving how things look but typically enhancing things like air flow, ease of use, as well as providing additional functionality.

What Mike's up to now
Mike still works full-time as an Engineering software developer, he also recently co-founded Rogue Space Systems Corporation where he's involved in the design and engineering of robot satellites. In his spare time he still runs collectoredition.org and is regularly repairing and documenting and experimenting with arcade hardware and documenting his discoveries on various forums as well as his blog: solid-orange.com. And of course... designing, printing, and shipping parts for bit-district.com :)


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